Thursday, April 30, 2009

Social Media for Artists: Twitter

Next up in our series on how to use social media to grow your business is Twitter. Now, Twitter seems like it is of little consequence until you start to notice the big buzz around this little micro-blogging service. Part of the appeal of Twitter, as you'll see, is the small amount of effort required to stay connected to your hand-picked audience of followers.

Twitter is a micro-blogging service which allows you to send quick, frequent updates to the question "What are you doing?" You can update by using the Twitter site or your cell phone. When you send an update all of your friends, or followers, see what you're doing at that very moment. In turn, you get an often-updated stream of your friend's answers on your homepage.

The real usefulness of Twitter lies in the ability to quickly scan many of the replies and find that which interests you. Also, your audience of followers will hopefully find your updates equally as interesting.

Your updates on Twitter are called 'Tweets'. Here are some things that are good to Tweet about:

1. New Blog posts on your website

2. Specials and coupons

3. Interesting travel updates

4. Anything!

Yes, anything. But - you should keep in mind that your audience is following you because they are interested in your work and Twitter will be most effective for you if you stick to talking business with a little bit of personal information thrown in (not your Social Security card or anything - perhaps a morsel about your favorite movie!) Twitter works to connect you with an audience of potential customers and helps keep you fresh in their mind.

You can find Twitter users interested in specific crafts or arts by using the Twitter search engine: and type in a keyword to see Tweets about any topic!

So go ahead and get Tweeting - and add ABI while you're at it, okay?

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