Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dear Artist,

You are registered for the Business of Art Conference, Lorton VA, January 17th. The Business of Art Conference is being held in partnership with The Workhouse Arts Center at Lorton.

When you arrive please enter though the front entrance of Gallery W-16; registration will be in the main lobby. The conference will begin at 9:00am on Saturday, January 17th. Registration will open at 8:15am; please arrive at least 30 minutes early allowing time to register.

Parking at the Workhouse Arts Center at Lorton will be behind Gallery W-16.
The schedule is listed below.

We will be handing out packets of information at registration for all attendees.

As you can see, we have a busy schedule ahead of us!

We’re glad that you’re attending, and we hope this weekend will help you Grow Your Business of Art.


Meghan D. Bunnell
Executive Director
Arts Business Institute



The Business of Art
January 17, 2009

Workhouse Arts Center at Lorton

9601 Ox Road
Lorton, VA 22079
Click here for map of the Lorton Arts Center



Developing a successful relationship with a gallery is a two-way street. Discover what galleries expect from their artists, and how to make reordering easy for them. Find out how they mark-up your work, and why.





Pricing mistakes – selling your product for too much or too little--are the greatest causes of business failures. Learn the formula to use in order to earn enough money to maintain an acceptable standard of living while accommodating your artistic inclinations. Price your work for profit!


Being a dynamic craft seller takes practice. Learn the methods that will help you improve your sales with all kinds of customers.


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